Past Presenters

Ashlee Boyson

Ashlee (Birk) Boyson is the founder of A Reason to Stand. She is the author of the blog and book series entitled The Moments We Stand.  In them she tells of her personal journey of healing and seeking peace after the murder of her husband Emmett. On March 11, 2011 Emmett was shot and killed in a Walgreens parking lot in Meridian by the husband of a secret mistress. Ashlee was made a widow at the age of 28 with 5 children—the youngest being just six weeks old.

Her husband’s death left her with many messes to clean up—the hardest being her own broken soul as well as five others. She spent hours with detectives, Emmett’s business, a month long murder trial, and therapists . . . trying to piece together the broken pieces of the past. None of which helped her feel whole. Through her trials she has learned the importance of a personal relationship with her Heavenly Father. She has witnessed many miracles through the devastation of so much heartache. She has found light in the darkest of moments—and she has found hope when she thought it was lost. It is through Christ that true healing has come.

Ashlee’s story is very unique. As she has learned to embrace it, she has gained a greater testimony of hope and the strength it can be in her story.  She has come to find that the grace of Christ is powerful—not only in sin—but also in forgiveness and carrying you through some of your darkest moments.  She has felt the embrace of angels through every obstacle. The tender mercies have given her hope to stand tall and write a new story. 

Ashlee believes that every day is a gift—and in each one, she has learned to stand. 

Ashlee is married to Scott Boyson and they and their five kids live in Utah where they have learned to work hard, play hard, and make the most of every moment. 

Ashlee continues to write, and share her story, but even more than the story of the past, Ashlee is enjoying teaching about hope for the future, helping others remember Christ’s role in their life and apply grace to their story.

Lance Allred

Legally deaf, at 80% hearing loss, from RH complications at birth, Lance Allred was born and raised in a polygamist commune in rural Montana before his family left at the age of 13. Unable to play basketball with his hearing aids in and standing at 6’11, Lance is more than a basketball player as he didn’t begin playing until he was in 8th grade as a way of adjusting to his new life outside of his childhood upbringing.

As an international Inspirational Speaker, Lance’s story of being an underdog is for anyone who has ever felt a dream was just out of reach, as he travels the world sharing his “5 Principles of Perseverance” and journey of becoming the first deaf player in NBA history… at the age of 27, seven years longer than the average NBA rookie. 

Authoring 4 books, with his first one LONGSHOT, published by HarperCollins in 2009, Lance is also the TEDx Star of “What is Your Polygamy?” which currently has over 4.5 Million Views. He is the first outside speaker the F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has ever brought in for group training and consultaion on leadership development, as well as having spoken to corporations such as Costco, Keybank, Coldwell Banker, CocaCola and many others. You can find out more about Lance at
Why Lance? 
To inspire a culture of COURAGE and GRIT
in your company or school.The Five Principles of Perseverance:





A Leader of Your Own Life

Perseverance: How to pick yourself up every time you get knocked down. 
Leadership: How to be a leader of your own life so you can lead others. 
Comfort Zones: How to find the success, which is just beyond your comfort zone. 

Ashleigh Di Lello

At age 13, Ashleigh was suddenly faced with a life-threatening illness where she was told she would never dance again, never have children, and never live a normal active life. She was told she wouldn’t live past her teenage years. But she refused to give up and against all odds, overcame the impossible!  Today, Ashleigh is an elite fitness trainer and professional dancer from TV and Broadway.  She was a finalist on the hit FOX TV show So You Think You Can Dance and has been a featured guest on programs like Dancing with the Stars and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She has a beautiful 4-year old daughter and has performed in over 45 countries around the world with her husband.   Ashleigh knows what it’s like to want to give up, but she also knows what it feels like to fight through and have victory! Through her transformation system The NEW Thin, she’s helped women all over the world find victory in their lives.  She believes that taking care of your health is a crucial part of this process. The NEW Thin is redefining fit: Mind, Body, & Soul. Ashleigh’s passion is to teach women to celebrate self-love, true health, and live limitless!   Ashleigh is driven by her mantra:”I believe eating healthy and being fit is a GIFT to your body and needs to come from a place of self-love and not self-hate. For me, living a healthy life is about giving thanks to my body for allowing me to breath, to move, to BE!”    

High Chief Aiono Ursula Fitimaleafa Te’o Martin

Ursula is a health and fitness pioneer and sought after speaker in the Pacific Islands. Family circumstances have her in the United States and we are so lucky to have her speak at A Reason to Stand. Ursula shares a story of tragedy, strength, grace, and love…it will warm and break your heart.

She is an Air Force veteran and the surviving spouse-Gold Star Wife of the late Colonel George Anthony Te’o “Doc” Martin, MD. They met while stationed at Andersen Air Force Base, on the island of Guam. She never would have dreamed they she would marry him, nor that 11 years later on July 21, 2008 she would become his widow just 28 days before delivering their miracle child, Guahan.

Ursula stood Fearless as a single mother to raise their son in a way that would make his father proud and honor his legacy. She shares how her husband’s death didn’t stop their plans, how she continued to move forward to accomplish her individual goals and those they had set as a couple. From completion of her graduate degree to accomplishments in the fitness arena to include Gold Medalist in the Sport of Bodybuilding, to serving as the Co-Principle Investigator for The Children Healthy Living Research Study Program, the very first research study addressing Childhood obesity throughout the Pacific Islands, to her involvement as a Peer Mentor with organizations such as Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), to checking off bucket list items like hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, and recently the bestowal as High Chief for her family in her village of Faleniu on her beloved island home of American Samoa, Ursula is an example of how to keep living life through grief.

She is honored to share her love story Veteran’s Day Weekend. She honored him this summer on the 10-year anniversary of his death. She is in the early stages of writing a book, something they had planned to do together. Her energy, her spirit and the way she embraces peace, beauty and joy will inspire you to follow her lead to stand Fearless in the face of tragedy.

Alesha Penland

Alesha married her husband, Chris, in 2004 and together they have 3 beautiful children(one of which is in heaven).On February 19, 2014 their 8-month old son Lincoln, sustained a “non-accidental” head injury at daycare. He was taken to the local hospital in Ogden, Utah and then had to be life-flighted to Primary Children’s Hospital in SLC, Utah, where he passed away 9 days later.After waiting 3 1/2 years, an 11- day trial was held and the daycare provider was found guilty of 1st Degree Child Abuse Homicide. Their journey is one of pain, anger, heartache, loneliness, disappointment, patience and trying to find forgiveness.Alesha and her family are still learning how to live life after their tragic loss of Lincoln. It is because of their faith in God, the prayers of others, and in serving others that they are able to move forward in their journey. She hopes that by sharing their story, that it will help others realize they are not alone in their trials and that joy can be found despite the trials and adversities that we face.You can find Alesha on instagram

Allicia Johnson

Allicia Johnson is an author, speaker and Youtuber with a profound message of hope. From childhood, her entire life was affected by her father’s murder as he was serving in the U. S. Navy. Deep-rooted grief and curiosity caused her to seek the truth behind the conspiracies aboard the USS Richard S Edwards and her father’s death. Suddenly she felt an intense connection with her father on almost a daily basis. As she learned to act upon specific messages, miracles, answers, healing and forgiveness flooded her life like a tidal wave. She not only found peace for her own life, but also for over a dozen of her father’s Navy friends who had still been suffering the ramifications of the shooting.

Feeling the same push from her father to reveal their story with those who have lost loved ones and desire continued connection, Allicia shares personal understanding of PTSD, terrors, feelings of inadequacy and sense of abandonment. She is passionate about helping others, particularly Military widows and orphans to embrace grief and unlikely courage and heal from truth, instead of running from it. Her deeper message of hope is that our loved ones surround us daily, cheering us on as we find meaning in life.

Allicia is proud of the veterans in her family, including four grandparents, her father and sister-in-law. Her understanding heart, quirky sense of humor and unconquerable determination have opened doors and created life-changing connections that continue to bless her life. A nationally sought-after speaker, Allicia works in marketing and leadership development. She is a health, fitness and chocolate enthusiast who finds beauty in almost every situation and sees miracles on a regular basis. She is a devout Christian who feels a deep sense of family connection, and strives to help others feel hope and confidence in their own lives. She is an advocate for those who have faced trauma and an ambassador and peer mentor for TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) for military families to share the process of deep and effective healing.

Instagram: unlikely_courage_allicia 

Shanny Haskell (Educating Shanny)

Her YouTube slogan, “You are beautiful, you are worth it and I am too” says it’s all.

In June 2015, after a 26 year battle with serious eating disorders, Shanny decided the best way to combat the eating disorders that were killing her was to put herself and her healing journey on YouTube.  She has since gained nearly 65,000 subscribers from all over the world. Many have told her that her videos give them a reason to live. She feels a responsibility to warn people of the true dangers of eating disorders and self-harm as well as inviting anyone on her recovery journey. 

As she has lived and preached she has also internalized and healed from her own messages. She is a survivor of childhood sexual, mental, physical and emotional abuse. She desperately wants people to know they are not alone. 

Humor and sarcasm mixed with cold reality and warm candor are the life’s blood of her channel.  She also shares the tools she’s learned in therapy and encourages people to seek professional help. 

She attributes her success to being someone others relate to. She believes in healing through faith, positivity and sharing. She is not afraid to tackle the hard and uncomfortable stuff that nobody wants to talk about.  

Eating disorders have the highest death rate of any psychiatric illness. 

Shanny always says, “Eating disorders thrive off of secrecy and loneliness; so let’s bring them out of the dark together”

Shanny continues to fight “ED” (eating disorders) on a daily basis with her eternal sweetheart, Danny by her side as well as supportive family, friends and nearly 65,000 “Shanny Fannies” and counting. She refuses to ever give up!

Follow Shanny on EDucating Shanny on YouTube and educating_shanny on Instagram.

Phil Simkins

Phil is the author of “The Perfect Brightness of Hope: A Latter-day Saint’s Journey Through Alcoholism and Addiction,” a book recounting his experiences and learning as an active and recovering alcoholic.  Of this book, Sean Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and Six Decisions You’ll Have to Make: A Guidebook for Teens said:  “Perfect Brightness of Hope is one of the most compelling, profound books I have ever encountered.  It is life changing. Everyone should read it.” Steve Young, NFL Hall of Fame, said “I encourage every parent, teacher, coach, teenager and superstar to read this book.  No one can read it without self-examination. I will never be the same, and I am grateful for that fact.”

In addition to being a successful author, Phil’s  career includes being a seminary teacher for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Operations Manager for Vital Smarts and NET Marketing Alliance companies, and many years with the Covey Leadership Center and the FranklinCovey Company.  Over the past 15 years, Phil has remained active as a teacher and Life Skills Coach presenting his most recent work, “Living @5: A Spiritual Course in Thought and Time” at county jails and in personal counseling sessions. Living @5 reflects Phil’s most recent work in addressing personal and interpersonal disfunction and addiction.

Phil is passionate about his hobbies,  guitar, fitness and his Schipperke named Buddy Wu-Li.  He, and the love of his life for 34 years, Vickie Lee, reside in Springville, Utah.

Contact info:



Ashley Hess

Local recording artist, Ashley Hess is an emerging singer/songwriter with a unique sound. She has shared the stage with popular artists such as, Andy Grammer, T-Pain, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, Us the Duo, and many more. She started off with a bang, posting covers of popular songs on her self-titled YouTube Channel. This pop-soul artist has been entertaining listeners and viewers for the past two years, bringing in over 23,000 subscribers and over 3.2 million viewers. In 2015, she was presented the award for “Best Cover Song” at the annual Utah Music Awards. She is now working on original music and has just released her first single, “Into You” off of her upcoming EP, which will be released early next year. Stay up to date with her music and tour dates at

Ashley will be performing an original song written for this conference. You will not want to miss it. (video below is of one of her popular Youtube videos)


Emily Meyers (The Freckled Fox)

Emily Meyers is a beauty, fitness, hair and lifestyle blogger. Known and loved by many as the “Freckled Fox”, Emily has also used her blog to share her husband’s battle with cancer through his final days. Mother of five in five years, Emily’s story will teach you about love, faith, and moving forward. 

Bre Lasley

Bre Lasley was raised in Layton and Syracuse, Utah. She graduated from Clearfield High School. Her passion and love for people, different cultures, travel, and teaching took her to China, Ukraine, Egypt, and Mexico. While living abroad, she gained a testimony of Our Savior which quickly developed into a desire to teach others about Him. After returning home from living abroad, Bre attended Weber State University and later moved to Provo to begin studying Dental Hygiene until she was old enough to turn her mission papers in. She served a mission in Florianopolis Brazil where she was able to teach people about the reality of Our Savior, Jesus Christ. With her experiences abroad before and during her mission, she realized how much knowing English improved the lives of so many people she loved. Shortly after serving in Brazil, she knew becoming a dental hygienist was no longer her dream. She wanted to start a business improve people’s lives, so she did. Bre is the CEO & Founder of ACRO English.

There are only a few things on this earth Bre loves more than chips & salsa, her semi annual dental visits for cleanings, running around Utah mountains, and spending time with her good friend, Netflix.

After surviving an attempted murder September 23, 2015, knowing her attacker was dead, and her little sister was safe, she thought her fight was over. Anxious, depressed, and afraid she quickly realized her fight had just begun. Bre powerfully grasps all emotions as she, in her unique personable way, recounts her miraculous fight story.

She shares her story with the desire to motivate others to use their faith to keep fighting. 

Bre has teamed up with Elizabeth Smart and started a campaign to help others. Check out their website: 
Fight Like Girls and go follow them on Instagram:

Jenna Richards

Jenna Richards was born and raised in Southeast Idaho.  After graduation while working and studying photography on the East Coast she was diagnosed with Lyme disease after suffering a tick bite.  Her health quickly deteriorated, eventually forcing her to leave the job she loved and quit her photography program halfway through.  Before becoming ill, Jenna was strong and healthy.  She was a stand-out athlete and helped lead her team to its first-ever state volleyball championship.   She went from leading a healthy, active, and productive life to being bedridden for months.  Jenna’s fighting spirit lead her to become an active part of the Lyme community.  She spent countless hours studying and researching the disease.  Her motto soon became if you want to forget your pain, find someone worse off than you and help them.  She started the Linked By Lyme Foundation and worked hard to raise public awareness about the disease.  She would lay in bed when she was too weak to do anything else and conduct online fundraisers and solicit donations so she could fill care packages and mail them to others suffering with chronic illness.  She loves lifting others by offering hope, comfort, and support.
Jenna’s disease was eventually in remission and she was able to accomplish her life-long dream of becoming a wife and mother.  At the age of 29 she, once again, found her world turned upside down when she  suddenly and unexpectedly became a widow.    Once again, while working through her own sadness and pain, Jenna finds herself in the position of offering hope and comfort to others struggling with their own grief.  Writing has always been her way of venting and managing her emotions.  She hopes that in doing so, others can see that they can also do hard things and eventually come out on top.  Her journey can be found at @jackandjennablog

Ashley Sullenger

Ashley was born and raised in Rexburg, ID, where she grew up exploring the empty fields and swimming in the Snake River. Later in life, while attending BYU-Idaho, she met her husband, Patrick, during her very first semester. Shortly after they were married, the Sullengers welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Preslee into their family.

When Preslee was just 18 months old, she fell into a canal behind her grandparents house. Miraculously, a farmer found her floating in the canal a mile downstream and called 911. Preslee was quickly life-flighted to SLC, UT, where she passed away just seven days later.

Ashley used their family blog to update family and friends about Preslee’s condition while in the hospital, and later used it to channel through her grief as she tried to adjust to a new life without her daughter in it. Over the years the blog has grown and Ashley’s main goal is to help remind people they can do hard things, and are capable of so much more than they think they are. 

Six years later, Ashley stays busy chasing after three boys, (including identical twins) and caring for her daughter, just three months old. Ashley hopes to keep her daughter’s legacy alive through her writing and hopes to help others find happiness who are experiencing difficult trials of their own. 

You can find Ashley writing over at The Sullengers and on Instagram.  

Dawn Armstrong

Dawn L. Armstrong is a highly sought after motivational & inspirational speaker for all venues. Audiences are captivated as she shares her incredible life experiences. She believes strongly in people’s ability to overcome anything that this life can throw at them. She treasures the opportunity to help other realize their potential, their power and the beauty that lies within all of us. As the Former Director of Bariatric and Weight Management Services at St. Mark’s Hospital she specialized in addiction recovery, motivational workshops, clinical care & sensitivity training. Dawn was the first to achieve several national awards for excellence in the State of Utah. She has also served as a mentor for the People Helping People foundation, who’s mission is to create opportunity and aid for young single mothers, bringing them out of statistics and back onto the road to success. 

Dawn recently started a blog called where she tackles life, one love letter at a time. Look for her book, “A New Dawn” due in stores next year. 

(You might recognize Dawn and her family from the movie Meet the Mormons)

Ashley Gardner

 More Than One Miracle Ashley Gardner and her husband Tyson spent eight childless years struggling silently with challenges of infertility. Their struggle ended with the birth of quadruplet baby girls, two sets of identical twins. Ashley knows what it is like to pray for eight long years — often feeling abandoned, alone and isolated; having her faith tested to the limit, wondering why the heavens were sealed to her righteous pleas of child birth. She learned how to push through moments of doubt and what it meant to strengthen your faith so that you can pull through the darkest hours. Ashley thought that giving birth to her quads was the answer to her prayers. At the time, little did she realize her eight year struggle had only prepared her for the unseen challenges that laid ahead of her. Ashley decided to document her journey through the IVF process regardless of whether or not the outcome resulted in being able to conceive a child or not. Her decision to share her story with the world was to shine a light on the infertility struggle millions of couples are going through and let others know they are not alone and do not have to feel ashamed, embarrassed, inadequate or silent about their struggle. She recounts her experience of nearly losing her quads in an emergency in utero fetal surgery. She reveals the frightening experience of letting go and reaching out to others for help. And how humbling it feels to receive prayers on her behalf from people she did not know from around the world, of different religious beliefs, different ethnic, cultural, and socio economic backgrounds who all joined together in one united prayer to ask of Heavenly Father for his protection of her four little miracles.  Ashley learned that with the power of babies there are no borders that can’t be crossed, racial divide evaporates, religious differences are set aside; with love, faith and unity being the powerful motivating forces.  The Gardner Quad Squad Facebook experience has inspired and united nearly a half a million Facebook fans. Followers span from the Isles of the Pacific, to the African, European and Australian continents, from all walks of life, different religious beliefs all in a loving unified part of the human race. She warmly invites you to follow her journey. Blog: Facebook: YouTube:  Etsy shop: AMiracleUnfolding  Instagram:@GardnerQuadSquad@AMiracleUnfolding 

Jacy Boyack

Jacy Boyack, Founder and Director of The Togetherness Project and Arbinger-trained Life Coach, finds passion in helping women rediscover their self-worth and inner strength (especially after betrayal trauma) and believes that by helping others, she also continues to heal her heart. After experiencing her own life changing challenges and trauma, Jacy started a blog {} where she shared much of her personal journey, as well as empowering stories of women rising above life’s toughest challenges through her “My Name Is” Series. Jacy has a cool 8 year old from her first marriage and a darling 1 year old with her new husband, Seth. Together they are figuring out the whole “blended family thing” and reside in sunny Gilbert, Arizona.

Ryan White

Hello… My name is Ryan H. White. I am a retired veteran of the United States Coast Guard, I served but a short time before being medically retired, and loved every minute of it.  I grew up in a small town on a horse ranch located in Cedar Valley Utah (White Hills). After graduating from Lehi High School and attending the Fred House Police Academy, I felt my position in life as police officer was still not enough. June 2001 I signed up with the United States Coast Guard, and after finishing my boot camp in Cape May New Jersey, I received my first PCS orders to Alexandria Virginia/D.C. in August 2001, serving in the Presidential Honor Guard working out of the White House, Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery. 
              During my tour in Washington D.C., I performed as a member and NCO of various body bearing teams and platoon formations, carrying out over 250 ceremonies for the Military District of Washington.  Some of these experiences include Armed Forces Full Honors Funeral for former president Ronald Reagan, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, former Deputy Secretary of Defense, and the Armed Forces Full Honors Arrival for several Presidents, Prime Ministers and Dignitaries from other countries, involving numerous missions at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 
             My aspiration to teach springs from the desire to give, to shape, to make a difference, and to edify the minds of our youth. I have finally found my passion and knack in life. I had an unforgettable experience while serving in Washington D.C. during the 9-11-2001 attacks.  Since then, I have been given the opportunity to share my military experiences with various colleges, high schools, middle schools and elementary schools, while obtaining a B.S. in Social Science Composite from Southern Utah University, and obtaining a Masters in Education from Argosy University. Furthermore, I will be continuing my education pursuing my Doctorate in Education.  I have been teaching AP Government, and regular Government classes for seven year now. I am currently at Herriman High School, and loving every minute of it.

          I realized at a young age that life will find you, where ever you are. That I was not immune to the devastating trials that life had to offer. I am blessed to have had these trials in life, and although they were crushing and heartbreaking, I am a stronger person because I survived them. I learned that I can do hard things, and that I needed to find “Joy in the Journey”.

Neena Earl

Neena was born and raised in Utah County and has now settled down with her husband, Andy, and little boy in Pleasant Grove. She is a stay at home mom who runs her husband’s artwork business as well as her own floral design company. 

In 2011, at the age of 25, Neena was diagnosed with Crohns Disease and was told that she would not be able to get pregnant until she was in remission. After several trial and error with different medications, Neena went into full remission in 2013 and quickly became pregnant with her first baby girl, due March 2014. 

Neena and Andy were thrilled to begin their journey as parents and were so happy that Neena was able to get her Crohn’s under control. Neena had a few scares here and there with the pregnancy but nothing too uncommon, and she was happy to enter into the final stages of her pregnancy. At about 33 weeks, Neena began experiencing extreme itching all over her body and at 35 weeks she mentioned this condition to her doctor. The doctor explained that she may have a condition called intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy where the liver begins to malfunction, which causes bile to back up into the blood stream and cause itchiness. She was told that it could be fatal for the baby around 37 weeks. Three days later, Neena and Andy received the devastating news that their sweet little girl, Indira, had in fact, passed away. Nothing can begin to describe the despair and sadness that they and their families experienced in the hours, days and months ahead of them. 

Neena delivered Indira on February 6th, 2014 surrounded by close friends and family. From there, Neena and Andy began to pick up the pieces of their once imagined future and learned to cope with and accept their grief. Through their love for each, the love they had surrounding them, and the hope of being reunited with Indi once again, Neena has been able to reach out to others in similar situations and befriend them in their time of need. She has found solace and comfort in sharing her story through her blog, Instagram, and support group, fully inspired that we are not meant to go through this life alone. We must help each other get through our trials and traumas in order to survive and thrive. 

Since Indira’s passing, Neena and Andy have welcomed their beautiful son Coen, who is now two and are expecting their third child, another boy, this coming December. 

    Leah Smith

I was born in San Diego but moved around a lot growing up. I spent most of my childhood in a small little town in Idaho. We moved to Utah when I was starting high school. I chose not to go to college with all my friends but I moved in with a family & nannied the four most amazing children. This experience would change my life forever. It would help me discover something wasn’t quite right with me & I met my husband. I was married for 20 years & I have three children. A 20 year old daughter who got married the 28th of October& a 18 year old son who left for the South Africa Cape Town Mission October 17th. Hardest thing I’ve done as a parent & single parent. Then I have my baby who’s 17 & a senior at Bountiful High & loving every minute of it. My children are truly my greatest joy in this life. My life has thrown me a lot of curve balls but I just keep swinging. The fastest curve ball was being diagnosed with bipolar 13 years ago. 
“This life is not the reward it is the test, make it count.”K

Karen L. Broadhead

Upon learning one of her noble sons had become ensnared in the bonds of pornography addiction, Karen L. Broadhead felt powerless and afraid in her search for healing resources for her son.  Relieved and inspired by the impact Life Changing Services’ Sons of Helaman program had on her son’s life, she asked the director if she could start a support program for parents struggling to deal with their own sons’ and daughters’ addictions. As Founder & Director of the Mothers Who Know support program, her knowledge grew and Karen now serves not only her son and her family, but also many others. This online support group and free weekly online training program has now become over 1400 women strong!Karen is a fearless warrior for Jesus Christ who strives to radiate the Love of Christ in every aspect of her life. She continually stands strong for His great cause of truth and freedom and has dedicated her efforts at Life Changing Services to serving families who are battling self-destructive addictions and unwanted behaviors. Karen approaches her work with individuals and families with contagious energy and unconditional love. As she teaches the empowering principles that have transformed her own life, there is nothing she enjoys more than witnessing how the countenances of women and young women transform when they become more connected in their divine truths as Daughters of God and begin thinking like the warriors they were meant to be. Karen has taught hundreds of students as an Eternal Warriors mentor with Life Changing Services, and has over 400 hours of class recordings available for free download on her Mothers Who Know blog. Karen L. Broadhead is a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Other titles she holds include Vice President of Quality Control at Life Changing Services, Founder & Director of the company’s Mothers Who Know program, parent support specialist within the Sons of Helaman and Daughters of Light therapeutic recovery programs and a member of the Utah Coalition Against Pornography – UCAP and Reach 10 Advisory Boards. Karen has a bachelor’s degree in recreation management and youth leadership, specializing in Recreation Therapy, from Brigham Young University. Karen and her husband Kent have five children, eight grandchildren and live in the beautiful mountains of Utah. Karen loves being a mother and wife and is committed to sharing a message of hope and happiness because she knows that “our mess can become our message” …even our miracle.Contact Info:Karen BroadheadPhone:  801-499-6819Email: Also, if someone would like to schedule an appointment with Karen, they can do so here: Or email at this

Cindy Beck

After the sudden and tragic death of her husband, Craig, on a white water rafting trip, Cindy was left broken, afraid, and vulnerable. An investment gone bad turned a tragedy into a disaster. As she struggled to navigate her new life, she questioned others intentions, her own abilities and self worth as well as the faith she had been raised in. At the persuasion of a mutual friend, she reluctantly accepted a date with an amazing man who later became her second husband. Starting a new life and new business venture, Cindy’s life began to have purpose again. One year into their marriage, her husband, Rick, was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor and their world crashed around them. For the next six months they battled the ugly beast of cancer until Rick could fight no longer. Facing pain and grief once again, the wounds were ripped open. Finding peace and sanctuary inside the walls of  her small clothing boutique in Rexburg, Idaho, Cindy struggled to find her way again through the lonely journey of grief and fought to navigate a struggling small business. Cindy believes in miracles, but she believes that sometimes God’s miracles and our miracles look nothing  alike. She believes that without pain we cannot grow and that until YOU are enough to YOU, nothing will ever be enough. Feeling blessed beyond what she deserves, Cindy has found love a third time. She and her husband, Mike, are rebuilding their lives together after individual trauma and trials.  Realizing that life is about learning to stand and fight when you feel you can’t stand let alone fight. Recognizing  that life doesn’t always turn out like we planned but it does turn out like it is supposed to. 
Check out her boutique online and on Instagram:

LuluBella  and Lulu Bella Instagram

Marcelle Stegelmeier

Marcelle Stegelmeier, is an engaging presenter, mentor and educator. She is also a surpasser.  Her healing journey through betrayal trauma began in 1998 with her husband’s pornography addiction and escalated in 2014 with his sexual addiction disclosure. She lives in Morgan, Utah where she loves the outdoors and rides/trains dressage horses. In 2001, she along with her husband piloted the first the pornography recovery meeting for LDS Family Services. This is where she wanted to know why some people would change and others would relapse over and over. In 2004 she certified as a Rapid Eye Tech and began her journey in energy work. In 2007, she co-founded REDI 4 Wholeness, a Christ-Centered modality empowering people to do their own inner remodeling by Removing the old, be Restored through Christ, Reclaim their identity, and be Reorganized to more wholeness  She is organizing Citizens for Families, a non-profit dedicated to education/prevention of pornography addiction, assisting men and women with tools for sobriety. Providing women dealing with betray trauma, the hope and tools to recover within. She is passionate about families healing. She facilitates retreats for women and couples. Marcelle mentors individuals and couples who are ready for sustainable change. She loves training amazing people to become REDI mentors, coaches, facilitators, and practitioners.  She is still married.  Her husband recently launched Warrior Weekend for men seeking to live Clean, Pure and True.  Her joy is seeing others uncover the ‘gold’ within to regain their wholeness.

Amanda Wilkinson

From humanitarian work on the Masai Mara of Kenya to global policy advocacy at the United Nations, Amanda Wilkinson has lived a big and beautiful life.
But perhaps her greatest lessons were learned when her son Bennett unexpectedly passed away in 2011. 
As a mother of 5 and an international speaker, coach, writer and advocate, Amanda is passionate about helping individuals ignite the fire within and create a life of peace, passion and purpose so they they can start paying it forward – not IN SPITE of what they have been through – but BECAUSE of it. 
She truly believes that we are each on our perfect journey and that every experience we have is for our highest good. 

Becky Wooten

Becky grew up as Becky Garrett in Syracuse, UT with her parents and four older brothers who spoiled her rotten. Her sweet voice filled their home with song all day long and when she was eight, she was asked to sing for Dwan J Young, General Primary President. She began recording in the ninth grade and has two albums – “Gentle” and “Find”. While in high school, she began singing in Kenneth Cope’s “Greater Than Us All” and “My Servant Joseph” productions and is a soloists on his “Women at the Well” album, along with two EFY albums.

She married Clint Wooten after he returned from his Italy, Padiva mission and has been supporting him through his medical schooling for the past 14 years. They have four beautiful children – two boys and two girls – and reside in Bountiful, UT.

Oakley & Carlie Remington

Oakley is 14 and Carlie is 13. They live in Shelley, ID. They have 3 crazy brothers. Oakley loves to train her horse and spends hours riding. Carlie loves to cook and babysit. They both play club volleyball and love sports. There is never a quiet moment at their house. They are always playing the guitar and singing. They hope to pursue their singing are are honored to be singing at this event.

Jensen Parrish Hall

Jensen Parrish Hall was serving as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when she received the news that her mother, father, and two youngest brothers passed away in a carbon monoxide accident. She began to blog about her grieving experience, focusing on enduring trials, and the divine miracles that happen along the way. Since then, Jensen has been able to share her story at different events. Jensen married her high school sweetheart, Jacob Hall, in May of 2015. She received her Bachelor’s in English at Idaho State University, and is currently teaching seminary for the Church of Jesus Christ for Latter-day Saints.

Carrie Woodward

Carrie Woodward grew up in Colorado.  After graduating from  BYU – Provo with a degree in exercise science she settled in Southern California with her husband for 19 years raising their 4 boys.  With 2 left at home they recently moved to Idaho for her husbands company.  Carrie has spent the last 20 years teaching, training, coaching and presenting about health, fitness, weight loss and motivation.  She had the opportunity to race as an elite marathon runner and competed in the most competitive marathons in the world including, Boston, Chicago and New York.  She has written several diet and exercise videos and programs including Body Evolution Secrets, The Skinny Bean Diet and her current program, Have It All Mom and personal App, the Have It ALL Coach.   She teaches others how to discover what it really means to Have It ALL through diet, exercise and personal development.  Carrie shocked her friends, family and community when she suffered a massive heart attack.  She had 100% blockage in her LAD also called the “widow maker”.    She had 3 heart attacks in 5 days and was told she would never be able to race again and life would be different as she once knew.   2 years later she stood at the starting line of what she discovered would be a DIFFERENT kind of race.  The American Heart Association, Runners World Magazine and Chicago Marathon asked her to share her journey of recovery, fear and faith as she stepped up to a completely DIFFERENT starting line and ran a unexpected race.

Lauri Mackey

Lauri Mackey is the proprietor of Lauri’s Lemonade Stand, a Positivity Podcast for Women where she interviews amazing guests who share their stories and expertise to empower mature women into the next chapter of their lives.  Lauri’s unique life experiences through teenage pregnancy, failed marriages, excommunication and graduating high school after age 40, have provided turn-around moments that have brought her the greatest happiness.  Through public speaking and working on her first book about her excommunication and restoration of blessings, she is out to boldly serve other women into their “Happy Middle.

Jen Petersen

As a stay-at-home mother to her 6 children and wife to her best friend Chad, Jen Petersen has been through many experiences and trials in the past 31 years. Her recent journey of grief and PTSD from the loss of her 2 year old daughter Natalie has been unimaginably horrific. The beauty she has chosen to find in her new life without her child will leave you feeling inspired to conquer any adversity.

Jen feels very passionate about healing through service and keeping the Lord close to her. Thus the idea #nearertonatalie began and now is the family’s constant goal to feel their sweet angel’s presence.

Life has been very busy for the Petersen family as they welcomed a new addition to their family this past August. You could say she is an expert in baby snuggling, diaper changing, laundry folding, late night counseling, shower singing, donut eating, boo-boo kissing, grocery shopping, coupon using, party planning & socializing (to name a few). A favorite motto of hers is “Let your faith be stronger than your fear”. 

Although her struggles are far from over she continues to strive her best to honor her daughter’s memory and share her heartbreaking story. Make sure to keep a tissue handy and be ready for a few laughs because her story will be unforgettable.

Instagram: Chasing my monkeys

Mindi Barker

Mindi is the wife of a “ridiculously good looking” man (Jason) and mother of 6 amazing children (4 girls, 2 boys).  She is kind of loud, a little goofy, mildy sarcastic, and a teeny bit social – okay, maybe that’s all a slight understatement! She loves to be with people (especially Jason), laugh out loud, make friends, and hopefully not embarrass herself too much with her forgetfulness and more than occassional clumsy behaviors.  She loves music, reading, cooking, running, biking, speaking, skiing, playing basketball, running Ragnars, and looking at herself in the mirror (no, just kidding – she doesn’t ever do the last on – haha!) She is a BYU sports fanatic and LOVES football season! She eats a frozen yogurt shake (with dark chocolate chunks in it) every night before she goes to bed, followed by chips and salsa, and a small handful of jelly beans to top it off . . . not the best habit, she knows, but she can’t help it! She has been married for 20 years and claims to be the happiest person ever.

Joshua and Jamie Terry

Josh and Jamie met and started dating in the summer of 2000.  They were married June 16th, 2001.  Josh finished his bachelors degree at SUU and was accepted to Southern California College of Optometry.  The couple moved to Fullerton, CA and graduated optometry school in 2007 and moved to Bullhead City, AZ.  The Terry family moved to St. George in 2010. 

Josh and Jamie have six children.  Bryton, 13, Treyton, 12, Daxton, 10, Keaton, 9, Kycie who would be 6 and Boston who is 3!  

Life hasn’t handed them an easy road, but through their struggles they have taught others along their way how to stand tall. At the darkest time in their life they have become a light for others who have began to see they are not alone. Their story is one of loss and pain, but their example of hope and grace has impacted the world.

Marilla Garcia

Marilla is a dreamer, a teacher, and a motivator. From a young age, she has dreamt of helping others navigate through the challenges of life. Her professional interests and expertise include helping people struggling with addiction, as well as those who are recovering from traumatic life events. She has a natural ability to form therapeutic relationships with others, which invites, inspires, and encourages them to make necessary changes in their lives to help the healing process. 

As a native of St. George, Utah, she attended Dixie State University, received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Southern Utah University, and her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Brigham Young University. During her undergraduate work, Marilla became involved in individual respite care at the Southwest Behavioral Health Center in Southern Utah. While studying at BYU, Marilla worked as an intern counseling at-risk youth. She then worked at an adult drug rehabilitation center in Provo, Utah for a couple of years prior to moving back to St. George. 

After years of experience and education, Marilla obtained her Licensure as a Clinical Social Worker. She began working with troubled teenage girls in a residential setting, as well as doing private practice. She currently holds a position with The Utah Department of Corrections, and focuses on the treatment of trauma and substance abuse as co-occurring “disorders”.

After the decision to end her ten year marriage, Marilla adapted and learned how to live and enjoy life as a single woman and mother. She enjoys the outdoors, camping, running, lifting, organizing, laughing, and spending time with family. Marilla eventually dated the perfect man for her, and they have now been happily married for a little over a year. Together with their 5 children they are accomplishing goals, establishing a home, and creating a beautiful life together. 

Her mission is to inspire Love and Hope wherever she goes, and to #scattersunshine.

Favorite Quote, “Smile, it makes people wonder what you are up to.” – Anonymous 

  Abbey Roll 

“What if my greatest fear comes true?”  This is the question that changed Abbey’s heart after spending most of her life living with the fear of “what ifs”.  When many hardships collided at once, the incomprehensible reality of some of those fears had to be faced during the summer of 2011. This became the lowest point of her life and was only overcome through counseling, consistent friends and family, and prayer to a loving Heavenly Father.  Since then, she has spent her life healing, loving, and trusting God to help her on her journey to be the best wife, mother, daughter, and friend she can be.   Abbey is the grateful wife of Alex and together they have 2 beautiful children, Carson and Oakley.  They currently live in South Carolina while Alex finishes his graduate program.  She loves being a mother and applying the knowledge gained from her Human Development degree from Brigham Young University in her parenting struggles and joys.   Abbey enjoys singing to her children, dance parties, crafting DIY projects for her home, Jane Austen novels and movies, home videos set to music, family-themed Halloween costumes, funny cat videos, sunsets that engulf the sky in orange and pink, and everything about her mission to Kirtland, Ohio.  

Stephanie Patterson

 Over the last 28 years, Stephanie Patterson has shared her story with thousands of people in Idaho, Utah and Arizona. At the tender age of 16, she was involved in a car accident which left her paralyzed and fighting for life.  Through many challenging and difficult struggles,  Stephanie has shown that trials in life can be overcome through faith and perseverance.  In addition to speaking,  Stephanie was the leading force in changing the law in the state of Idaho for access into public places for service dogs and has participated in disability and accessibility awareness panels. After graduating from Centennial High School and then Boise State University with a degree in psychology, Stephanie’s main focus for the last 16 years has been being a mom to her 3 children.  Her kids sure have made her life full and exciting! She loves movies, lunch with friends, sarcasm,  funny people, all things ’80’s, witty banter on social media and laughing.   “In all living have much fun and laughter.  Life is to be enjoyed,  not just endured. ” Gordon B. Hinkley

Nathan Ogden 

 The ability to forgive others, and most importantly yourself, is critical to achieving your dreams. Nathan will discuss what it has been like learning to recognize and exercise forgiveness in his life enabling greater progression. Nathan Ogden has spent years motivating and inspiring audiences how to face their fears and live an “Unfrozen” life. Nathan is a survivor of two separate neck injuries, leaving him paralyzed and in pain throughout most of his body. He uses his unique life-changing experiences in overcoming challenges, to train a vas variety of groups, from elementary schools to executives throughout the country.  With his engaging and fun personality, Nathan connects with his audiences immediately and delivers invaluable principles they can relate to and act upon. Nathan was born in Boise, Idaho and earned his degree from Boise State University. He’s been married to his beautiful wife Heather for 18 years and loves helping raise their four amazing children. Nathan’s new book UnFrozen will be available this spring, providing 7 superior systems to move from paralysis to progress.

Ja’Nette Spencer

Ja’Nette Spencer was sentence to 54 months in a state penitentiary for Vehicular Homicide and Vehicular assault, following a drunk driving accident she caused at the age of 19.  Finding herself racked with guilt, shame, and remorse, it was difficult to see there was a life worth living waiting to be found.  How could she ever deserve to be happy again when she had done something so terrible?  How would she ever break through the feelings that overwhelmed, depressed, and suffocated her each day she woke up?  How could she see a future full of light from within dark prison walls?  As the perpetrator, how does one move on from their mistakes and forgive themselves?  Join Ja’Nette as she speaks about our intrinsic value and how our choices and mistakes do not change our worth.  Ja’Nette will share with guests how there are moments we must stand and find forgiveness within ourselves even when we have done something that most would find unforgivable.  Now a happy homeschooling mother with 6 daughters, a woman of faith, and wife to a man she met while serving her sentence, Ja’Nette has been speaking to various audiences about her experiences and lessons learned for 8 years, often visiting different prisons to share her messages on intrinsic value and the endless potential we all have to find joy and be at peace with our past.  

Class: A Prisoner’s Perspective: Moving on from My Mistakes

Karen Milsap

Karen Millsap is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and the Founder of Widows at Work.  She became a widow at 29 when her husband was tragically murdered while teaching his CrossFit class. After losing much of her support network, Karen recognized the overall lack of assistance in our society for this disregarded demographic. This prompted her desire to help other widow(er)s who also face this major life alteration.  Karen launched Widows at Work – a company designed to one, train employers on how to properly support all grievers in the workplace and two, help men and women successfully transition back to the workplace after the loss of their spouse.   “My personal mission is to take my pain, turn it into purpose and pay it forward. Being a widow has completely changed my perspective on life, so I hope to inspire and empower others who are rebuilding their lives while grieving any loss.”   

Kedrick & Johanna Wills

Kedrick is a devoted husband and Father who has spent his career in the field of law enforcement. In this role, Kedrick has personally witnessed human tragedy and suffering in all forms. Kedrick is an adjunct faculty member of Idaho State University teaching classes in personal and organizational leadership.  He holds a Masters Degree in Training and Development. Johanna is a wife, Mother and part time Kindergarten teacher (yes this is one of my superpowers).  We have been married for almost 21 years and have 4 beautiful children ages 17, 16, 13, and 10.  We felt like life was sailing along beautifully when in the late summer of 2013 we were smacked in the face with a devastating diagnosis of breast cancer.  We have been at the very bottom, have been lifted by others and seen miracles and blessings along a journey we never signed up for or wanted.  We have also maintained the motto that “We can do hard things TOGETHER” throughout our journey.  We have climbed a mountain step by step and stumble by stumble.  Despite worry and fear we choose to appreciate the view and perspective we now have.  Had we not been forced to climb and climb together we would have missed this view!  

Annie McGee

 Annie McGee’s life took an unexpected turn one fateful afternoon 20 years ago when a near fatal car accident gave her the choice to live or die. Her inspiring story is one of physical struggle, divine grace, miracles, and what it means to live and find your purpose in life. The truths Annie learned, saw, and heard during her time in heaven have helped her survive a traumatic brain injury, broken back, multiple surgeries , post traumatic stress disorder, amnesia, depression, and divorce. Annie has remained relatively quiet about her experience  for the past 20 years, but feels it is time to share her story in hopes of helping others see the light in the darkest moments of life.  Annie McGee grew up in Washington State and attended the University of Utah. She served a mission before becoming a full time seminary teacher for the LDS church.  Annie is an educator, small business owner, motivational speaker, and currently works in the beauty industry. She is the proud mother of four beautiful children and currently resides in Meridian, Idaho. 

Class name: A forgiving God. 

Her website is   Wendy Griffith Hullinger 

Wendy Griffith Hullinger

 Wendy has found healing through journaling and family history research. She is an advocate for domestic violence awareness. She believes in not only surviving, but thriving and knows through personal experience that this can require daily perseverance and awareness. She received her B.S. in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University and her M.Ed. in Models of Instruction from Utah Valley University. She taught 1st grade for 13 years and 3rd grade for 3 years and believes that her association with children is some of the greatest therapy she could have hoped for, especially during intense moments of personal adversity and sorrow.  In 2004, she experienced a traumatic brain injury after being thrown from a horse and continues to live with the physical challenges brought on by this accident. She has survived betrayal, domestic violence, and divorce. She is grateful for God’s hand in her life and for close friends and family who have been her angels on earth. Wendy was a single mother for many years and knows the struggles and challenges of single parenting.  She believes that investing energy and time into helping our children heal is essential to their welfare. In 2013, she married her soulmate and together they are now parenting their three beautiful daughters. Her husband has been one of the greatest blessings in her life and she is grateful for his encouragement in sharing her story. He is her biggest supporter and thinks of her as his greatest    

Natalie Marti

  Natalie Marti has inspired audiences for 12 years by relating her experiences of the car crash that killed her husband and daughter and left her clinging to life. The severity of her injuries including a traumatic brain injury caused her doctors to doubt her survival. After three weeks in a coma, Natalie regained consciousness and over time, her physical and mental strength were restored. Her journey has taught her the true meaning of forgiveness and the realization that her life is a product of her choices to be happy. With these skills she learned, she tread through her darkest moments and has rebuilt a life full of light, grace, and love.

Veronica Clarke

 Veronica Clarke is the author of the blog ‘Not for Naught: A Young Widows Journey,’ co-founder of ‘How Do I Go On?,’ a website dedicated to helping people deal with grief and loss, and an early morning seminary teacher.  At age 38 she lost her husband and father in a plane accident, leaving her as the single parent of 3 teenaged sons and a 10 year-old daughter.  In that moment she knew she could choose to sink into the darkness of despair, or choose to turn to the Lord for understanding and direction. She chose the light and has worked to choose it every day since. She shares her story, what she has learned this life is all about and how she has refound purpose and direction by helping others who are struggling.  She is determined that when she meets her husband again that they will look at the learning and the good this tragedy has accomplished, and will say, “This was not for naught.”

Lenaya Andersen and Larissa Cherpeski

Lenaya Andersen and Larissa Cherpeski are sisters who co-wrote: The Pathways Home: A Memoir of Sisters on Both Sides of Addiction. In it, they offer dual perspective of addiction, love, grace, and above all hope.  Lenaya battled drug addiction and bulimia for 16 years. Larissa, 6 years her senior, loved, guided, and ultimately helped Lenaya to overcome her addictions.  Together, they offer insights into what it means to both be and to love an addict and how the Lord guides and protects us in our trials.   Lenaya is an English professor in Northern Nevada where she lives with her husband and 4 children. Larissa has 5 children together with her husband in Oregon where she is a child and adolescent outpatient counselor. Lenaya has battled demons and overcome addictions while watching many others succumb to them.  She values life and all it has to offer. Larissa has a deep understanding of how hurtful it can be to love an addict.  She articulates what it means to maintain hope in sometimes unusual, but always comforting ways. They know how important faith, love, and hope are to survive in this unpredictable, beautiful existence. They continue to write about their experience at

Will Hansen

Will graduated from Brigham Young University in 1997 with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology.   While attending school he also gained experience in telecommunications and took a job out of college in that industry as a technician with a national fiber optic company. He enjoyed success within the corporate environment and was hired as a regional supervisor within a year and a half. In this capacity, he had responsibility for many employees and millions of dollars worth of equipment. He has served briefly in the military and has also been a technician on a Natural Gas pipeline. These experiences have allowed him to relate to people from many walks of life. The need to realize his life goal of counseling directed him back to school to complete a graduate degree in Family Psychology from Cappella University in June of 2002. It has been a life goal to use his education in helping individuals find higher levels of happiness. While working on the degree, he and his wife returned to Idaho from Utah and opened Access Living.  The agency grew from only Will and Catherine providing services, to a successful corporation that provides Counseling, CBRS Services and Developmental Services in Meridian, Idaho. As a husband to an amazing woman, and having the privilege of having 3 sons who are fantastic, Will is realizing his dreams. 

Stephanie Breckon

  Stephanie Breckon was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta at a very young age.  This causes bones to break with little or no trauma.  As a result, she has spent countless hours in the hospital and endured too many surgeries to count.  Opportunities to deal with divorce, discrimination and self-doubt have furthered her desire to learn how to see beyond present moments of intense pain and find the good in adversity. 

 Stephanie entertains with stories of learning to walk as an adult and ridiculous fracture stories.   Through her unique, challenging circumstances she has learned how to handle the struggles of daily life and find purpose in life.She has had the opportunity to speak to both youth and adult groups to discuss how to find the meaning in suffering and how broken things DO mend.  Stephanie is a resident of Spokane, WA, a graduate of BYU, a nurse, and a mother of 3 children who also have the same diagnosis. Class name: Finding Strength in Adversity    

Sandra Winchester

 Sandra Winchester is no stranger to loss and grief.  In 2013, just six months after her mother died, her husband lost his battle with stomach cancer and died—leaving her a widow to raise two young children.  In 2015, after feeling like she was getting her feet back on the ground, her father died.  Like others who have suffered from loss, Sandra has felt the immense sorrow, the uncertainty, and even anger that can accompany grief.  She has discovered that being angry at God does not help her situation, but that maintaining a healthy, loving relationship with Him is vital to the healing process.  It is through His love and the healing power offered through the grace of Christ that she is finding renewed hope courage, and strength. As the author of the blog and co-founder and contributor of the website, Sandra shares her journey through the many different facets of loss and the grieving process—which includes learning how to navigate through all the challenges associated with being a single parent.   

Becky Sampson

After a lifetime of battling binge eating, being overweight and having low self esteem, Becky Sampson, found a lifelong solution that has worked for her. She is a Motivational Speaker, Trainer/Coach, Radio Show Host, and soon to be published author. She writes and speaks on being the director in your own life by applying her 7 core principles she took to releasing 130 lbs which she has kept off for over 5 years. She is a dynamic as well as inspiring speaker and believes that every transformation begins by making a decision to get willing. She has lived and worked in Ireland where she helped people do the “INNER WORK” of transformation which she feels is the most important work to lasting results. She is passionate and loves what she does and the people that she works with and shows compassion to any fellow struggler.

Tiffanie Long

   At a young age Tiffanie was faced with the challenge of watching from a child’s prospective as her mom underwent brain surgeries and fought Thyroid Cancer.  This experience had a lasting effect on Tiffanie’s life, and she set out to help children going through difficult situations like her own.  During her first year of College, Tiffanie received a phone call to nanny for her recently widowed cousin Ashlee.  There she was faced with the challenge to comfort children experiencing grief, anger and loss.  The following summer, Tiffanie unexpectedly lost her father, and lived through loss on a more personal level.  Since this experience Tiffanie has volunteered in organizations that help children undergoing challenges and facing their own big obstacles.  After graduating from Utah State with a Bachelors Degree in Family Consumer and Human Development, Tiffanie joined up with Prevent Child Abuse Utah.  During her time there she presented to schools all around the northern part of Utah, educating them on prevention in bullying, child abuse, internet safety and dating violence.  Tiffanie will be teaching a breakout class at this session using her educational background and personal insight to bring comfort to Mother’s and Father’s seeking answers for their children’s healing. 

Shante’ Johnson

   Shante’ Johnson is a Motivational Speaker, budding Author, and an Advocate for families of Fallen Officers and First Responders.Shortly after graduating high school, she married her childhood sweetheart Derek Johnson. She supported her husband as he started his career in Law Enforcement for the Draper Police Dept., all while growing her thriving profession in sales. In the fall of 2006 their son Bensen was born. Shante’ encourages Bensen’s love of hockey and passion for Legos.On the morning of September 1, 2013, Shante’s life was tragically turned upside down when her husband, decorated Draper City Police Sgt. Derek Johnson, was shot and killed while stopping to help assist with what appeared to be a disabled vehicle, 10 minutes before his shift was to end. The shooter then turned the gun on his girlfriend and himself. They both survived. At 31 years of age, Shante’ was left to pick up the pieces of her and little Bensen’s shattered lives. While caring for her son, she is now an active advocate for police officers, first responders, and their families.  She sits on the Board of Advisors for the Utah 1033 Foundation, and is an activist for C.O.P.S (Concerns of Police Survivors.) In 2015, Shante’ partnered with local and state lawmakers to pass a new bill that would provide health benefits for the families of fallen police officers and fire fighters-up until that point all benefits for the surviving family members were discontinued at the time of death. She continues to push legislation to support the needs of the widows/widowers of all our first responders.Despite the hardships since the death of her husband, she is dedicated to educating first responders and their families in preparing them should they ever be called to pay the Ultimate Sacrifice.
hope@shantejohnson.comFollow Me on FacebookConnect on LinkedIn   Sierra SandisonMiss Idaho 2014 

Sierra Sandison Miss Idaho 2014

Sierra Sandison, Miss Idaho 2014, made international headlines because of her decision to proudly wear her insulin pump while competing at Miss Idaho, and later, at Miss America. She posted a picture of herself and the pump during the swimsuit portion of the Miss Idaho Pageant. The photo quickly went viral, and helped Sierra launch the #showmeyourpump campaign, encouraging people with diabetes to post their own pictures, bravely showing off their insulin pumps, and other medical devices. Thousands of people with diabetes from the U.S., and in 35 other countries, shared images. In addition to being the first contestant to openly wear a medical device during the Miss America pageant, Sierra was named the “America’s Choice” contestant and went on to the semifinals. Sierra has been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, NPR, social media, and in news outlets around the world. 21-year-old Sierra now travels the country speaking about her journey with diabetes, as well as overcoming adversity and being proud of the things that make us different, and in June, she published her first book, Sugar Linings: Finding the Bright Side of Type 1 Diabetes.

Tiffany Berg Coughran

  Tiffany Berg Coughran has been on both sides of loss; as a young widow and as a certified clinician working with those in trauma. Since 2002 Tiffany has spoken professionally and authored multiple books on emotional wellness.  After losing her husband to cancer in 2009, she returned to school and certified as a corporate and hospice chaplain. Combining competencies from life coaching, clinical chaplaincy and Ideal Life Vision, Tiffany created a highly effective, systematic process to make peace with emotional pain. Her four-step grief technique has allowed those going through loss to address the current pain of loss, share it effectively, and expedite the healing process.As a clinician in hundreds of case studies, she has worked with families and individuals in the intensities of the ER, ICU, hospice care, suicide support, and complicated end-of-life decisions. With this expertise and personal experience with loss, she is a frequent presenter at hospitals, social work conferences, grief support groups and cancer awareness events for adults and children.In addition to her chaplaincy, Tiffany has worked for many years with local and national media and understands the complexity of emotion in highly charged situations and losses. As a consultant, Tiffany has prepared individuals emotionally and intellectually for high visibility national interviews. Tiffany is passionate about life, love and healing. In 2013 she was reconnected to her high school sweetheart Vernon and the two were married in 2014. Today they enjoy their eight children and are delighted to be grandparents together. Tiffany Berg Coughran, Certified Chaplain and Professional Consultant. 

Lacy Gadegaard

As a celebrity hair stylist in Las Vegas, Nevada with a resume that included the Belllagio and Aria resort. Lacy had a true passion in helping women look and feel their best. Durning this time extensions were just starting to gain popularity so Lacy started the education process and quickly became one of the only stylists in the salon that offered extensions. She had clients flying from all over the world to have her do their hair. She was also traveling from coast to coast to accommodate her clients. Unfortunately a trip to the Bellagio or Aria in Las Vegas was out of some people’s budgets and time schedules. Lacy could never figure out why celebrities were the only ones who could afford hair extensions. So this is when LACED® was formed.  Lacy knew she wanted to help women all over the world get salon quality hair extensions without spending thousands. Her clients were used to the finest methods and quality of hair, so she searched high and low to find the best hair quality. She wanted to offer the most natural blends of beautiful colors. LACED® is one of the only companies that offers ombré colored hair, and staying on top of all the latest hair trends.   Laced Hair has been featured or worn by;  E!, Maxim magazine, VH1, platinum weddings reality show, make overs for the womens gold medalists (E! Canada), worn worn by multiple bachelorette contestants, Bachelor in paradise 2 seasons, Hillary Duff music video, shark tank contestants, Vegas Magazine, world series of Poker, Full Tilt Magazine, Utah brides, Élan Magazine of St.George, Hair extension magazine as one of the top 10 clip in extension companies, hairstyles magazine, Amber Fillerup Clark Surrounded by the beauty world, Lacy has learned that beauty is a balance from the inside out. Her class will be on Friday and called, “Feeling beautiful from the outside and inside”.      

Kirk Wilkinson

Kirk Wilkinson is a world renowned expert in overcoming adversity, self-worth, self-esteem and personal happiness. Having been abandoned in his youth, suffered emotional and verbal abuse as a child and as a two-time cancer survivor, Kirk is no stranger to adversity. Through his bestselling books and coaching Kirk has helped thousands of people rise above their trials to be happier and more satisfied. He has given more than 4000 presentation in 30 countries around the globe where he was mugged in a Russia, lost in the Black Forest and held and gun-point in the jungles of Yucatan, Mexico.The Happiness FactorClass description: The Happiness Factor: You can be Happy no Matter What! In this fast pace and dynamic session, you will learn key skills that you can use immediately to live a more fulfilling and happier life. Kirk will teach you how to reframe your past, how to overcome self-doubt and self-criticism and to be stronger in any situation or circumstance. Tragedy does not define you! What has happened to you does not determine your happiness! Learn to rise above your situation and circumstances to become happier and to see yourself, your experiences and your past in a whole new light. In this session Kirk will share real-world practical ways to be happier and become the hero of your story instead of the victim.   Breakout SessionYou Can Be Unbroken! Real life can cause us to feel broken. Sometimes we feel broken by what has happened to us, what others have done or by our own mistakes or just experiencing the hardships, adversity and trials that come our way. When we feel broken we find ourselves in the gap between real and ideal. In this session.  Kirk has experienced this gap and knows what it is like to feel broken. He will share with you a proven pathway to be unbroken – to feel complete and whole again regardless of your present circumstances or what has happened to you. You will learn real-world skills that will help you realize your full potential and live free of fear, self-doubt and self-indictment. Kirk will share powerful and inspirational stories that outline a formula to help you break free of what is holding you back and to see your true value. You don’t need to feel broken any longer – YOU CAN BE UNBROKEN!  Lori B. Morton

Lori B. Morton

Lori B. Morton is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and trained Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) in Houston, TX.  She has years of experience providing counseling services to individuals, couples, and families in both inpatient and outpatient settings.  She is experienced in treating a wide array of mental and emotional disorders, but her primary focus is on assisting couples and families through various struggles including mental health diagnoses, loss, addiction, divorce, trauma, abuse, terminal illnesses, struggles with intimacy, parent/child conflict, step-parenting, and other relational crises. Lori received her Bachelor’s Degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development as well as her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Brigham Young University.  She is a published scholar in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy and her research can be found in the journal “Contemporary Family Therapy”. She currently teaches undergraduate courses for a national university educating future mental health professionals. Lori and her husband Matt faced the difficult struggle of infertility for many years before experiencing the miracle of adoption with their son Parker (now age 2). She has been able to use her journey as well as professional experience to help other couples and families find hope in the face of adversity.  Standing TogetherJoin presenter, Lori B. Morton, MS, MFT, LPC, as she shares tools that have helped countless individuals, couples, and families strengthen their relationships after facing difficult challenges.    

Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris is a single mom of 4 children and the owner is In Harmony Studios where she teaches students of all ages from 5-65! She loves every aspect of her job in helping her students find their voice use music for good in their lives to uplift and heal the soul! Lisa was married for 17 years to her high school sweetheart at a very young age with hopes and dreams of a bright future! After much counseling and years of trying to make it work, her marriage ended in 2008. Two years after her divorce in March of 2010, her beautiful oldest daughter Jessica took her life after a long battle with depression. 2 1/2 years later in November of 2012, she was diagnosed with a genetic form of breast cancer that took her mother and her sister and has affected and taken many others in her extended family.  The last 7 years have brought some very tough trials and challenges to say the least! After 8 rounds of chemotherapy, 36 rounds of radiation, and 10 painful and excruciating surgeries, she is now cancer free and taking her life back!  These trials have left her scarred in many ways and feeling like she has literally been in a battle physically, mentally and spiritually! However, Lisa strongly believes that though our trials and tragedies at times feel horrible while going through them, they are truly holy experiences that God allows to strengthen and refine us. She sincerely knows with all her heart that each one of us can Turn our Wounds into Wisdom! 

Sharie OwYoung

Sharie OwYoung grew up in Ephraim Utah and now lives in Riverton with her best friend and husband Jason of 12+ years and their two beautiful children, Alex and Lily. She enjoys serving as the Elementary VP on the PTO at her kid’ school. She serves as the Young Women camp director and Gospel Doctrine teacher in her LDS ward. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her children, playing the piano, violin, cooking, baking, taking jeep rides with her family, movies, camping, and crafting especially making hand stamped cards. 

Sharie was born without her left hand. She found that being born with one hand made her drive stronger. If she wants to do something she finds a way. Whether playing a musical instrument, cracking an egg, tying her shoe, painting her nails or doing her daughters hair…. If there is a will, there is a way. In high school she found she really enjoyed public speaking. She could take the trials she has endured and inspire others while healing herself. 

Being born with one hand, losing her brother to suicide, her Father in a drowning, and battling obesity all in her youth gave her plenty to talk about. She attended Snow College on a full ride speech scholarship. After taking a break to become a Mother she has jumped back into speaking head first. Speaking is her natural high. Although she has spoke on enduring trials, positive attitude, and gratitude, her personal journey of ” learning to love the women in the mirror” has become her most popular platform to speak on. She has learned that women of every age need to learn to love and appreciate themselves. Beauty is a matter of perspective! 

She has spoke to the women at the state prison, LDS Young Women groups, LDS Activity Day girls groups, LDS Relief Society groups, college classes and had the opportunity last year to speak with Elder Bednar at her LDS stake conference. 


Lisa Mortensen 

Lisa lost 95% of her hearing when she was one and half years old.  Her parents greatest fear was whether or not she would ever live a normal life in a hearing world.  Initially, her parents were told that Lisa would not be able to read past a 5th grade level.  This changed when the principal at the Utah School for the Deaf told Lisa’s parents that they should “never suppose her limitations”.  From that point on, her parents, with great faith in God, treated her like a normal hearing child and exposed Lisa to a wide variety of activities. Amazingly, she began piano lessons at the age of 7, despite her profound hearing loss.  By the time she was 12 years of age, she performed for thousands of people at the Dijong Concert Hall at BYU.  She later went on to perform on the piano at many venues including the University of Utah, Capital Theatre (for government officials in Utah), Utah Festival of the Art for the Young, Utah State University,  as a guest artist for the Young Women of the Year State Contest in Idaho, and throughout the state of Utah in High Schools and Elementary Schools.  She later won Utah’s Miss T.E.E.N. (Teens Encouraging Excellence Nationally) competition and was a runner up to Miss Utah.  Being deaf has not always been easy for Lisa.  Obtaining her education has been one of her greatest achievements in life.  With her motto in mind to “Never Suppose Her Limitations” and with the help of God through her faith and hard work, Lisa graduated from the University of Utah with a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy.  Lisa was born and raised in Ogden, Utah and now resides in Meridian, Idaho with her husband, Joe and their four busy children.   

Julie Toone

Julie Toone was born and raised in South Jordan, UT.  She is a Mother, Wife, Blogger and Inspirational Speaker.   Julie married her sweetheart Jake in the summer of 1996.  They had 4 kids together and lived happily until a tragic work accident took Jake’s life.  Julie was left a young widow to  raise 4 young boys on her own. Julie found love again a couple years later and blended her family with Curtis adding 4 more boys to the family.  They have had 2 kids together and have been married nearly 9 years now.  Julie and Curtis have had many ups and downs in their marriage and many new trials added to their lives.  She currently lives in Bluffdale, UT with her husband and children.  In January of 2014 Julie shared a blogpost she wrote about her life titled “My name is Julie” with one person on facebook.  The next day her blog went viral.  The blogpost found at www.breakingthesilence-cam.blogspot.comreached over 500,000 people in just a few days.   Julie has traveled all over Utah, Idaho, and Washington sharing her story of trials, tragedy, and triumphs.  She tells her story in a heart warming and funny way that leaves people feeling uplifted and inspired.  Her favorite quote is–You can’t choose your trials in life, but you can choose how you deal with them, you can become BETTER or BITTER. Class name- Don’t miss the beauty in your life.   

Jason Wright

Jamie Hilton 

  Jamie Hilton is a Utah native but has lived on the West and East coasts. She is a former Mrs. Idaho America, and therefor competed in the Mrs America pageant in 2009.  She currently lives in Idaho and is married to Nicholas. Together they have three beautiful children. In 2012 she was involved in  a fishing accident. Her doctors performed a radical surgery removing a quarter of her skull and placing it in her stomach. As you can imagine this was a very unusual occurrence, and the media interest exploded. She’s had a miraculous recovery, and now shares her story to motivate and uplift others. She is currently working on a book that will be published in 2016. Also, she works with her husband in their Real Estate Business.  Jamie’s desire is to motivate, educate, and inspire individuals and groups using principles based upon her life experiences.   She captures the heart of her audience on a motivational level. They leave having gained hope that positive change can really happen. She believes that by sharing our hardships and solutions, we create  a perfect climate for improving and healing our hearts. Everybody can relate to her story whether it is through personal struggle or through the struggles of friends and loved ones.      

Brad Behle

Brad Behle is proof that anyone, even a biker with a big beard can do his part to make the world a better place. In 2004 the Behle family suffered a devastating loss.  Their oldest child and brother Jason, was just 27 at the time when he suddenly passed away. He left behind his wife and two young children, ages five and two. Many people reached out to help his family. Brad knew he somehow wanted to give to others in a similar way. The following year, he and his family organized a motorcycle charity ride honoring his brother. They called it the “Ride In Paradise” and raised money for a local children’s charity. As the years passed on, Brad found himself becoming bitter.  Despite having what he thought was an amazing life, there was a hidden beast buried below that was tearing him apart. He had lost the faith he once was so sure about. One night in the fall of 2013, he couldn’t sleep. He tossed back and forth thinking of a family who had recently lost their little boy in a horrible accident. He couldn’t stop imaging their hurt and the phrase “Ride In Paradise” wouldn’t leave his head. It had now nearly been ten years since that ride that they organized. Every biker searches for the perfect ride. The following day, Brad found his. As he went to the home of this boy’s family, he was riding solo, but knew he was not alone. After handing the mother a stuffed animal and a book, he then gave her a hug. She whispered something he’ll never forget, “God Bless you”. He felt the purest kind of love that day, and for the first time in years; knew his creator had not yet given up on him. Since then, Brad has continued these rides with other families. It’s when he feels closest to his older brother who he says is riding with angels in paradise. Topic:Ridin solo, but never alone. -God works mysteriously, he has a plan and will show you the road, often when you least are expecting it.-Life is about the ride. It has rolling hills, sharp turns and winding roads. When on it, enjoy it.  Don’t be in a hurry because you are exactly where you need to be.  

Justin Skeesuck

Justin Skeesuck is known as “The Disabled Traveler.” He encourages and instructs people with disabilities how to successfully navigate and overcome the many challenges they are faced with in their everyday lives and when traveling. 
He is one of the world’s foremost accessibility and marketing consultants, providing organizations with insight to uniquely position themselves to not only capture, but also greatly serve the disabled community. 
When on stage, Justin provides authentic and powerful storytelling, which gives insight into what it’s like to live life with a progressive neuromuscular disease. His experiences provide organizations with a much needed perspective on how they can better serve those with disabilities. Addressing everything from etiquette to increased access, Justin empowers individuals and organizations to position themselves in a way that will increase their reach into the disabled community. 
Justin has been featured and interviewed on NBC, ABC, Fox & Friends, Huffington Post, Daily Mail (UK),, the MDA Telethon, and most recently gave a TEDx Talk. 
Most recently, Justin successfully completed “The Way of St. James”, more commonly known as the “Camino de Santiago” in a specialized wheelchair; a 500 mile epic pilgrimage across the vast terrain of northern Spain. His lifelong best friend, Patrick Gray, along with many other friends, acquaintances and even strangers, pushed Justin for 34 days over mountains, through rivers and even across a desert called the “Meseta!” 
Justin’s journey began in his teenage years when a disease was unknowingly “triggered” after he survived a rollover car accident. At the age of 18, his condition worsened and required foot orthotics to aid him while walking. In his mid 20s, he began using a cane, then a walker and eventually a power wheelchair. By 2010, the disease rapidly progressed to his hands, arms and shoulders. It was at this point when life became immensely difficult for him.Doctors were baffled for many years, and after extensive testing, Justin was finally diagnosed with a rare progressive autoimmune/neuromuscular disease called “Multifocal Acquired Motor Axonopathy” or “MAMA” for short. 
MAMA is similar in nature to how Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) progresses by selectively targeting muscles throughout the body which, for unknown reasons, cease to function properly. As of today, the disease continues to greatly impact Justin’s life, and as it progresses over time, he will require many adjustments to function daily. 
Despite his limitations, Justin has dedicated his life to traveling the world, working with organizations who are also passionate about helping the disabled community, and sharing his life experiences with those who will listen. 
Justin currently lives in the Boise, Idaho area with his phenomenal wife, Kirstin, and their three beautiful children, Jaden, Noah, and daughter, Lauren. 
The Disabled Traveler: 
Official Website:
Official Facebook Page:
Official Twitter Page:
Other Twitter: @disabledtravelr 
I’ll Push You: 
Official Website:
Official Facebook Page:
Official Twitter Page:
Other Twitter: @illpushyou, #illpushyou 

It all started with the following words: “I’ll Push You!” 
Justin Skeesuck (a.k.a. “The Disabled Traveler”) first learned about the epic 500 mile pilgrimage across northern Spain known as the Camino de Santiago in the spring of 2013 while watching PBS on a lazy Saturday afternoon. 
Justin, who helps people with disabilities learn how to travel, lives life with a progressive neuromuscular disease. He had the intense urge to tackle the historical pilgrimage. But, he knew he needed help from his best friend, Patrick Gray… 
When asked, Patrick quickly and simply responded with those epic words. 
Born a little over 36 hours apart in the same hospital, Justin and Patrick have been blessed with a life long friendship. Their lives have been intertwined for 40 years and have brought them many adventures. 
They wholeheartedly live by the mantra: “A life is not defined by its limitations; however it is defined by what is accomplished in spite of those limitations!” 
Though Justin is unable to walk and has very limited use of his arms, his insatiable desire to live life and his willingness to be vulnerable have taken him places few dream of. 
Known as “I’ll Push You”, it has taken Justin (and Patrick) far beyond the confines of the journey itself. Justin’s heartfelt and hilarious storytelling has given him opportunities to be in front of Universities, Health Care Institutions, Fortune 50 companies, and most recently, on the TEDx stage. 
Justin has been featured/interviewed on NBC, ABC, Fox & Friends, Huffington Post,, The Meredith Vieira Show, and many worldwide news media outlets. 
Please come with an open heart, open mind and willingness to be vulnerable as Justin shares funny stories, beautiful photos and mind-boggling video of his journey of how it has changed his life and the lives of others. 

Vivian Foley, MS, PLMFT

 Vivian Foley is a wife, a mother, and a Provisionally Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Missouri.  She received her Bachelors in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University and her Masters in Family Therapy from Friends University.  She has years of experience working with women, children, and families through various volunteer organizations.  Vivian recently followed her passion for helping individuals, couples, and families to the field of Marriage and Family Therapy where she is currently working as an independent practitioner at Strengthening Relationships, LLC.  She also volunteers with Hillcrest Hope Transitional Housing and the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault (MOCSA).Vivian’s greatest joy and learning experiences have come from being a wife of 24 years and a mother of five nearly perfect children who are survivors of her parenting experiments. Vivian has been on a personal journey of many years to discover ways to manage and cope with chronic depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.  Through her journey of faith and trials she has learned ways to cope and find healing which she now shares with others.After the Trauma: Becoming WHOLEEverybody experiences times of trauma in their lives and those traumas can leave us feeling broken.  This session will briefly explore how trauma impacts our brains and some exercises we can use to retrain our brains.  The presenter will use personal examples from her own battle with mental illness as she describes a journey to becoming whole.

Jennie Ashworth Taylor

“I have a really hard time watching the news. My heart aches every time I hear a story about a newly made widow, or another child who has lost a parent. The day I heard the news of the North Ogden Mayor getting shot—I could barely breathe as my thoughts turned to his little children and wife. I remembered the fear and the pain of another mans choices changing my world…and I could barely stand the thought that another woman was suffering such a day—and the journey that follows. I found her. And she was strong. Brave. Full of light. I cannot wait to have her stand on the stage on March 1st, and share that same light with all of us. A mother that has sacrificed much, endured the unthinkable, and is still standing beautiful and tall.” -Ashlee Birk Boyson (Founder of A Reason to Stand)

Kechi Okwuchi

“My name is Kechi Okwuchi and I am a Nigerian-born 27 year-old who loves to sing. 
On December 10th 2005, I was headed home from boarding school for the Christmas holidays aboard a local airplane which crashed and killed 107 out of a 109 passengers, 60 of whom were fellow classmates and friends. I suffered third degree burns over 65% of my body, and I have had to undergo multiple intensive surgical procedures ever since. 
Two years into my treatments in America, I decided I wanted to finish high school and enter into a good university by my own merit. I had a strong support system- my family, my friends and my faith- who believed that I would be able to overcome my physical, mental and emotional obstacles and achieve my goal. In 2015, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of St. Thomas with a 3.8 in Economics & Marketing (BBA). Afterwards, I was the market analyst for AFRICAN League of Legends, where I helped with the development of a marketing campaign for an award show hosted by the non-profit organization in July 2016.
I am currently a graduate student, earning an MBA in Economics at my alma mater, and I worked as a graduate assistant at the Cameron School of Business for a time. Before America’s Got Talent, my most immediate goal was to obtain a summer internship at the UNFPA, which works to expand the possibilities for women and young children to lead healthy and productive lives worldwide. AGT was a huge and miraculous opportunity, the kind I could only dream of in the past, and I still can’t believe I became a top 10 finalist on the show! AGT opened new paths for me, and more recently I was invited back to the show to compete in the spinoff, AGT:The Champions! Now I intend to forge forward in faith with music as my goal.”-Kech

Nicole Klingler

As a wife of 15 years & mom to 4 kiddos, Nicole Klingler is a risk-taker and list-maker whose kindness and love wrap you up like a warm blanket. She’s a humble creative who gives you her whole heart and firmly believes the generosity is the key to all success. Nicole’s not a huge fan of doing dishes or losing sleep but loves; family, reading, listening to podcasts, dance, yoga, meditation, nature, hiking, unscheduled days, essential oils, energy work, peppermint chapstick, & chocolate.

Professionally, Nicole is the owner of The Venue Studios in Rigby, ID,  the co-founder and director of a non-profit Dance company called The Dance Collaborative (TDC) and just retired from a professional photography career of 10 years. 

Originally from Boise, Idaho, Nicole grew up in a creative and cultured household as the middle of three children. She was raised to love and serve God and her fellow man and those teachings are the foundation of her values and goals. Although Nicole is an entrepreneur and creative at heart, she feels strongly that no “worldly” title she holds at any given time defines her. Self love and the knowledge of her inherent divine identity drive her every decision. 

Nicole is excited to share some things she has learned that have helped solidify her knowledge that she… and EVERY human on this earth… is inherently, undeniably and without exception ENOUGH, with no strings attached.

Connect with Nicole online at: Instagram: @nicole.klingler or

Instagram: @the.venue.studios or

Abby Stevens

Abby Stephens was raised in Cokeville, Wyoming, where she attended high school and was always a physically active young woman, and loved to sing and dance. She then attended BYU, where she planned to receive her BFA degree in Musical Dance Theater, but at the age of 23, her plans changed dramatically. One week before her wedding, she was in a car accident that left her paralyzed from the neck down. Doctors said she would never walk again, but with unwavering faith, determination, and a
positive attitude, she was able to walk just 3 months later! This was not the first, nor last, difficult challenge in Abby’s life.
She has been sharing her story for over 20 years as an Inspirational Speaker, Singer, and Humorist, inspiring others to Choose Happy and find a way to laugh through life’s toughest moments! Abby and her husband Cole live in Kaysville, Utah and have 4 amazing children, including twins!

Connect with Abby on Instagram: @abspeaks


YouTube: Abby Stephens Speaks


Our next conference will be held virtually on April 24, 2020.

Come be inspired to find hope on your healing journey. As we gather together, we find strength from each other, a sense of community, and a hope for something greater than ourselves giving us faith to write a new story. We cannot wait to have you become a part of this family, be empowered with truth, and take the next step to owning the past and believing in the future. A story full of grace and light. 

We hope to have you join us for a day of healing at our virtual conference available on our YouTube channel!

Our next conference is January 9, 2020 Conference in Rigby, Idaho!!

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