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Victims of homicide speak out to help others find their reason to stand. 

NORTH OGDEN – There is no promise of a perfect life, but at A Reason to Stand, many have found healing, and—despite their horrific pain— the drive to keep writing a new story full of hope. 

A Reason to Stand is a non-profit organization founded by Ashlee (Birk) Boyson—and now teaming up with an amazing board of survivors—their mission is to help victims of traumatic experiences become part of a tribe and community where brave survivors are born.

On Friday, March 1st A Reason to Stand will be partnering with the Weber High Hope Squad, to bring survivors from all walks of life to unite for a conference at the Weber High School Auditorium from 6-10 p.m. to listen to this weeks golden buzzer winner Kechi Okwuchi from America’s Got Talent, Jennie Taylor, the widow of fallen North Ogden City Mayor Brent Taylor, and other survivors share tools and inspiration about how to heal from traumatic events that have happened in their lives.

Attendees will also be entertained with special musical numbers by Kechi and Ashley Hess, a member of the nonprofit board, who will be making her debut two days later performing on American Idol. 

A Reason to Stand began as Boyson told her story of trauma and how she was able to persevere after the murder of her husband. 

As told on Dateline NBC, on March 11, 2011 detectives told Boyson that her husband was having an affair and had been shot two times—once in the forehead and once in the heart—just hours before by his secret mistresses’ husband. She was now a widow and single mother of five children. 

After years of waiting for the murder trial, Ashlee found herself stuck in a dark, fearful world.  As the trial came to an end, nothing changed. She began to find peace in words, writing on a blog she called The Moments We Stand ( She shared her fears, insecurities, and faith for anyone who also felt broken. Through her readers, an online family was formed.

“I wish I would have known all that time that I wasn’t alone—that there were others who had walked dark roads and we could do it together,” Boyson said. 

She began to be driven to help those stuck in the fear and grief of losing a life they once knew, to feel brave enough to start again and know they weren’t alone. After her story aired on Dateline NBC, Dr. Phil, and many other murder mystery series Boyson found friendships from all over the world forming, she began to realize that though no two stories were the same, the PTSD and crippling trauma they all had lived— were almost identical.

As more stories were shared, the common thread of fear and pain united survivors from all walks of life living a story they did not choose to become apart of the family A Reason to Stand—which is quickly turning into a global movement as they collaborate with communities, businesses and other non-profits working to spread light. 

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Our next conference will be announced soon!

Our next conference date will be announced soon, stay tuned! In the meantime, view our virtual conference live on our YouTube channel now!

Come be inspired to find hope on your healing journey. As we gather together, we find strength from each other, a sense of community, and a hope for something greater than ourselves giving us faith to write a new story. We cannot wait to have you become a part of this family, be empowered with truth, and take the next step to owning the past and believing in the future. A story full of grace and light. 

All in person conferences by A Reason to Stand have been rescheduled at this time. More information to come!

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