Boise Idaho March 5, 2016

Exciting News!! Boise Idaho we are coming back for you. March 5, 2016. I know I promised some friends in Texas to head your way (and I promise you are next on the list) . . . but Boise is it for March. I can’t wait!! There are so many things in the works for this event and you are not going to want to miss it.

I have been blessed with so many blessings and I believe in this conference and the impact it has already had on so many families. Thank you for believing in this project and helping me fulfill a mission I never knew I would be on.

This years theme is going to be about forgiveness and the impact it can have on all aspects of our lives. The tools that will be shared will be life changing. I am excited to share my own experiences and hear from the other presenters how life has shown them how to forgive when it felt impossible and to let go of the pain of bitterness and hate.

Seats are limited this time. Please reserve in advance for better planning and preparation on my end.

Look forward to getting to know you better and sharing my heart,
Ashlee Birk

Boise Idaho 
March 5, 2016. 
Boise Center on the Grove

And an ONLINE day March 4th (10am-3pm) A Reason to Stand ONLINE day. 


All proceeds from this event will go to fund A Reason to Stand across the nation. (donations will be used to sponsor financial aid)Powered by Eventbrite

Our next conference is January 9, 2020 Conference in Rigby, Idaho!!

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