A Reason to Stand ONLINE conference

As you know we will be in Boise Idaho on March 5th. Since our extra day was so popular in Ogden, we have decided to add in an extra day again for the Boise conference. Only here is the exciting part . . . it will be held ONLINE!! So if you live far away, or don’t want to leave the comfort of your pjs, now if your time to get a piece of A Reason to Stand.

Please join us for an ONLINE day of our conference. March 4th. I will be hosting an online day event. And for those who are going to be in Boise . . . two days back to back!! What more could you ask for? Can’t wait to see everyone in Boise and give you all a hug, but I am so excited to be able to have more friends come to our online day to learn from some of these amazing presenters. Tools for life.

Ticket information for Boise and ONLINE A Reason to Stand!!! 

Our next conference is January 9, 2020 Conference in Rigby, Idaho!!

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