What I learned the night I got to chose if I was going to live or die

One of the earliest memories I have of my father was when I visited the beach with my family. I was very young. I remember being thrilled by the waves and the water! I remember the smell in the air and how fascinated I was by the feel of the sand under my toes. I remember my Father warning me to be careful as I stepped into the waves. I did not know how to swim.  Next thing I knew I was under the water, unable to find my footing, and watching the bubbles in the waves sweep back and forth above me. I began to panic and then a thought came to my mind, “Daddy will come”.  I KNEW that my father would be there to pull me to safety. I stopped struggling, looked up through the water and waited. Moments later my fathers face appeared over me and I was scooped up out of harms way.
This is one of the only memories I have of my childhood.

My name is Annie McGee and on June 19, 1995 I was in a near fatal car accident. In a trip from Washington to Utah I fell asleep at the wheel of my SUV and without hitting the brakes; rolled and cart wheeled my way down the median of an Idaho Highway.

Just as my earthly father came to save me from danger on the beach , my Heavenly Father came to deliver me that day with a choice. A second chance. To live or to die. I had a near death experience or NDE. I came to know of a God who is my FATHER first and foremost. I experienced love, light, healing, acceptance, and felt His intimate nature. I learned that I was a spiritual being having a mortal experience. I learned that we live on after death.  I was given a choice to stay in heaven and take the more peaceful road.  Or come back, suffer, struggle, learn, and find my purpose in life.

I have another memory of my mortal father. This time it was of him as a radiologist.  Shortly after the accident, I came out of an MRI tube, immobilized; but waiting again for my father. Just like that day on the beach.  I lay staring at the ceiling in anxiety for the news on the condition of my body. Once again, there he was, standing over me; reassuring me, loving me, supporting me.

In the years that have followed my NDE to say I have struggled is an understatement. I am a survivor. I have lived through debilitating physical injuries and surgeries, a traumatic brain injury, sexual and domestic abuse, infidelity, a high conflict divorce, post traumatic stress disorder, amnesia, depression, and the challenge of raising special needs children.
We all have trial. Some are the result of poor choices, while other trial comes as a result of another’s actions. Some trial cannot be explained. Life is unfair for everyone in one way or another. However, adversity is a gift. Pain can be the great teacher.  Without it how would we know light from darkness? Happiness from despair? Peace verse strife or the freeing power of forgiveness? Resistance makes us strong. Every day is a second chance. Do we check out, leave, take the easy road? OR come back fighting, accepting all the help offered and grace from heaven along the way.
What has carried me through these last 20 years? My fathers. I know that no matter what condition I am in, if I look up and wait,  my Heavenly Father will be there to scoop me up out of the waves. And I know that my earthly father will always come to my aid. This support and the love of many around me, has guided me through my darkest moments into the light. Especially the powerful light of forgiveness. Forgiveness to others, forgiveness of ourselves, and forgiveness to God. 
We are not here by accident. Each one of us has a purpose and mission in life. We are here to discover it and live it with joy! There is a Father in Heaven who is mindful of our every need.  Even when we are under the water, feeling the waves pull us down, waiting for deliverance. 
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