How do I forgive me for hurting you?

8 years ago when our son was 16 years old, our church leader recommended we check out the Sons of Helaman program.  Our son’s struggle with unwanted patterns of behavior started at 11 and we discovered his need for support when he was 13.  We were devastated and afraid when we realized how far things had escalated and were shocked to find out that our noble, good son was in the bonds of addiction to masturbation and pornography.
The shame I felt as a mother was overwhelming.  I was tormented with thoughts of blaming myself for his addiction.  I had so much to learn about my son, myself and especially the power of the Savior and his atonement.
I’ll never forget the day my son came home from attending his second week in group.  He yelled, “Mom!” from our back entry.  As he was not a young man to do that, I wondered what had gone wrong at group.  When I came upon him he was bent over, visibly shaking with emotion – trying to compose himself enough to communicate something to me.  I stood there waiting and wondering, not knowing whether to be worried or hopeful.  Finally he gave up and with ferocity and emotion I had never seen, he put his hands on my shoulders and said; “Mom, I am not the enemy.  I have an enemy and he’s afraid of me.  He knows I’m awesome.  He’s trying to take me out so I can’t become the man I’m supposed to be.  I’m not a pathetic loser! I’m not my enemy…he is!  He’s going down!!”
It was this shift in my son and the intense honorable efforts of his personal call to arms that inspired a shift in me.  I began to realize as a “Mother Who Knows”, I too had an enemy who was trying to take me out and decrease my confidence.  I too, could stand with ferocity right along my son and say; “You messed with the wrong mom!”  

Karen is very passionate about sharing the message that we are all warriors for truth and freedom…heroes for ourselves and those around us.  Our joy and personal power skyrockets once we have the knowledge and tools to remember who we are.  We are in a war against the darkness of this world. Despite the wounds we will all face and the losses we feel; our cause is glorious!  We can claim our noble birthright to stand as a Witness.  
Through the grace of our Savior and Champion Jesus Christ we will win!  As women and daughters, we are God’s secret weapon.  Even in our relentless weakness we are fierce protectors.  We fight and bear pain with those who are wounded in a way no one else can.  Our ability to believe and have hope in darkness and hold on till the light comes, makes us formidable targets in this war.  
As women, we know we are not the Savior in this war, but rather “atmosphere angels” who can change the very tide of the battle. We know where our power and strength comes from. We are safe, strong, peaceful and protective warriors.  

We call all those we love to arms for this great cause of truth and freedom for our families.

Presenting March 4th ONLINE A Reason to Stand. 

Our next conference is January 9, 2020 Conference in Rigby, Idaho!!

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